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2019/2020 Budget Contribution of Hon. Adrian Gibson, MP Long Island and Executive Chairman, Water and Sewerage Corporation





















Visna Armbrister


Water and Sewerage Corporation


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                             WSC CLARIFIES PINEWOOD LAND OWNERSHIP


In accordance with a recent newscast regarding property in Pinewood Gardens which houses a WSC Sewer Lift Station, for which a portion is being used for farming by the Pinewood Community, the Corporation confirms that it only owns the piece (20x20) of land where the sewer lift station sits.

After some investigation into the matter, the Corporation is satisfied that the portion of the property being used for farming is not owned by the Corporation.





















wsc concerns


The Water and Sewerage Corporation notes the Article in the Nassau Guardian of 30th May, 2018 (by Travis Cartwright-Carroll highlighting that potable water is being rationed on Ragged Island) and wishes to clarify some key facts.  The Corporation is especially concerned that a known agent of a company—one that it is currently in discussions with the Corporation to enter into a long term solution is the prime source of the article—without full disclosure of the same. WSC also notes the Article by Morgan Adderley in the Tribune of same date.


The Corporation is currently in the process of procuring a long term solution for Ragged Island. This effort is being coordinated with the Ministry of Works, NEMA, BPL, and the Central Government, with a view to implementing a sustainable (“green”), long-term solution, inclusive of the consideration a more environmentally friendly site.  In the interim two systems are now operable and water is being provided for critical needs. 








The community of Duncan Town, Ragged Island was previously supplied with desalinated water under a DBOO (Design, Build, Own, Operate) Contract that was due for renewal.   As all are aware, during Hurricane Irma in September of 2017, the original plant, and housing was totally destroyed.



In the aftermath, the existing Contractor (Staniel Cay Yacht Club [SCYC]/Watermakers Inc.) provided an emergency Reverse Osmosis Unit to provide water for critical needs.  This temporary plant however only provided a limited supply (700 gallons per day versus 3,000) to the reduced island population, as it was declared uninhabitable by NEMA.  









As a part of WSC’s coordinated efforts with Central Government, the Private Sector, and other Stakeholders, WSC invited Public Tenders for full restoration of supplies to the Island on January 2, 2018.     The Scope of Works included the provision of all designs, expertise, labour, material, equipment and other necessary services required to Design, Build, Own and Operate a larger 5,000 Imperial Gallon Per Day (IGPD) Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant, and Distribution Pumps in accordance with the Corporation’s Technical and Operational requirements. All Bidders were especially invited to provide sustainable green alternatives, as per the Governments mandate. Eleven companies expressed interest and purchased the bid package.



At the end of the Bidding process, only 2 of 11 companies submitted Bids.   The Ragged Island Restoration Association and Watermakers (WM)/Staniel Cay Yacht Club (SCYC), which was the more responsive of the two bidders.  However, none of the Bidders provided sustainable or green options. In an effort to explore all options and address concerns, WSC then also held a meeting with all of the Bidders to solicit feedback.  SCYC was also determined as the only responsive Bidder; however, they provided a unit rate of $72/kig. Which was considered excessive as WSC sells water on Ragged Island starting at $6.45/thousand gallons.  It was agreed that WSC would research and review other options while entering into discussions with WM/SCYC.  WSC also continued to coordinate efforts with the Central Government and participated in a coordinated assessment trip on 7th May, 2018. 





Moreover, during this period, the Ragged Island Restoration Association lobbied for permission to temporarily install a plant— which was donated by a third party—however, the initial specifications did not meet industry standards for safe water.  Subsequently, another plant was sourced by the Association, and upon inspect by WSC engineers, permission was immediately granted with special limiting conditions and strict water quality requirements.  SCYC/Watermakers then offered to upgrade its plant from 700 gallons per day to the original 2500 gallons per day as a temporary measure.  This option was however not made available to WSC previously.







The Corporation last met with Watermakers/SCYC on Monday, 4th June, 2018 and discussed a number of concerns/matters. The Corporation is therefore concerned that 2 days later, Mr. Myron Lockhart (a current agent/employee of the SCYC), is in the media agitating for increased water supply, when it is known that only basic water supplies are being provided at this time.  WSC is coordinating with all stakeholders for a sustainable green solution.   





Watermakers/SCYC currently has 13 WSC RO plants within their remit.



In other newspaper articles, WSC observed commentary by another entity which asserted that the Corporation took two (2) months to approve the RO plant, when in fact the original proposal lacked the required specifications and could not be proven to meet the basic standards for water to be consumed by the public.  WSC takes seriously its responsibility to provide safe water supplies, as limited quality water, will always be a better option than an abundance of water of an unacceptable quality.   The Corporation will not be strong armed, or be forced to negotiate in the media, or under duress. 





Notably, WSC has since identified a fully self-contained, solarized RO Plant that we are entering talks to purchase, own and operate (in-house) for locations such as Ragged Island, if current commercial rates remain untenable. WSC’s newly-minted Reverse Osmosis Unit will have carriage of administering contracts and operating certain plants going forward.


The Corporation remains committed to ensuring an immediate, medium and long term solutions for the people of Ragged Island as a matter of priority.  We are most appreciative of the patience of the residents.





WSC & Miya Bahamas Team Up At Clifton Heritage National Park for Good Deeds Day


Nassau, Bahamas – The National Landmark Clifton Heritage National Park, was the site of this year’s 5th Annual Good Deeds Day in The Bahamas.  Visna Armbrister, Public Affairs Manager for WSC said, "Our staff, along with Miya Bahamas Staff were very proud to lend a helping hand at this historic site in our country.”


Good Deeds Day is an annual tradition of good deeds created by Shari Arison, founder of Miya and a philanthropist.  Good Deeds Day 2018 saw 100 countries engage in thousands of projects dedicated to society and the environment.  Good Deeds Day was celebrated in the Bahamas on Friday, April 13, 2018.

“As our good deed, volunteer employees of Miya Bahamas and the Water and Sewerage Corporation gathered at Clifton Heritage National Park to clean up, weed, plant vegetable plants/gardens and trees to assist with improving the park’s appearance in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in 2016 resulting in the need for much clean up and restorative efforts” said Armbrister.    “There is so much to do, it won’t all be done in a day but the WSC has undertaken to return for National Water Month in May to continue what was started not just today but earlier in the year when WSC teamed up with another industry partner, the Suez Company for community service at Clifton”, Armbrister said.


This year is the 12th anniversary of Good Deeds Day and the fifth year that Miya Bahamas and the Water and Sewage Corporation have participated.  Good Deeds Day has become an important activity to Miya Bahamas as well as the



WSC staff.  Office Administrator and Good Deeds Day Coordinator from Miya Bahamas, Andrea Forbes said, “Our Founder Shari Arison is very pleased that Good Deeds Day continues to thrive in the Bahamas and we could not do it at such a high level without the assistance of our partner, the WSC”.


“You guys have done a fantastic job, and we are very grateful to the WSC and Miya Bahamas” said Mario Scott Bannister, Managing Director Clifton Heritage National Park.


In 2017, the Stapledon School was in need of help due to damages caused by Hurricane Mathew in 2016.   The Faith Gardens Community Park was chosen for the Good Deeds Day project in 2016.   In 2015 volunteers enhanced the facilities at the Unity House Home for the Aged, and in 2014, the Elizabeth Estates Children’s Home benefited from Good Deeds Day.







WSC Supports Elementary School Scholars



Nassau, New Providence –The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) prides itself on its ability to give back to the communities it serves. Over the years, the corporation has introduced countless initiatives geared specifically at community and youth development; from its partnership with MIYA Bahamas for ‘Good Deeds Day’, helping underprivileged children, or school visits teaching about water conservation as well as supporting the educational needs.


During a ceremony at WSC headquarters, the corporation’s newly appointed board, continued the long tradition of supporting the Bahamas Primary School Foundation. WSC commitment dates back five years with the corporation donating to the non-profit on an annual basis, an effort which now has the support of WSC’s newly appointed board as well.

“As a trained educator and a father, I always jump to assist anytime children are involved”, noted WSC Chairman Adrian Gibson. “I am pleased that WSC has chosen to donate to such a noble cause, one that will impact and build a future generation of leaders and dutiful citizens” he said.

“We congratulate the organizers for their spirit of community, these  persons are setting a sturdy foundation for the building blocks of a better tomorrow”.

Now in its 20th year, the foundation which was established in 1997 recognizes the academic accomplishments of more than two thousand Bahamian students in both the public and private schools in the family islands, offering scholarship opportunities and rewarding students for their contribution to school life, their participation in extra-curricular activities, as well as their community involvement. In 2017 alone, one hundred and ten nominees were chosen from Grand Bahama, New Providence, Abaco, Andros, the Berry Islands, Bimini, Cat Island, Eleuthera, Exuma, Long Island, San Salvador, Inagua and Mayaguana were awarded medals, trophies and scholarships.

“We also owe a great debt of gratitude to our corporate and individual sponsors, without whom this program would not be possible” noted Foundation Chairman Vandyke Pratt. “We salute these individuals and corporate entities that have deemed it to be of great significance to invest in the future of the Bahamas via this program”.

As a corporate citizen and community partner, the team at WSC is passionate about making a difference in the lives of students of all ages and remains committed to its partnership with the Bahamas Primary School student foundation and their recognition of the country’s young people.



WSC & SUEZ Teambuilding Effort Dubbed a Success



Nassau, New Providence – Team building exercises have been long used as a way to provide high-impact learning, increase team skills and communications, and improve morale and productivity within companies and non-profit organizations alike. Studies have found that participants benefit from experiencing a sense of accomplishment in working as a group to complete a challenging task and learning ways to improve communication skills. Recently, employees of the Water & Sewerage Corporation and SUEZ Water Technology & Solutions – an international water & wastewater company, had the opportunity to benefit from one such exercise. The groups teamed up last Thursday in a special team building exercise which targeted the ‘Sacred Space’ at the Clifton Heritage Park.

With a reputation as a popular tourist site with serious historical and cultural significance the site had suffered major damage following the passage of major storms catching the attention of various local activist and environmental groups, the media and the corporation.

“The corporation is in the process of partnering with Suez who recently acquired several reverse osmosis plants that supply water to the Corporation throughout the family islands,” explained (WSC) Public Affairs Manager Visna Armbrister. “SUEZ recently hosted their annual Caribbean meeting in Nassau and suggested that the corporation team up on a special community-focused project.”

As a corporate citizen, WSC has developed a well established reputation for its own annual community service efforts through collaboration with another business partner, Miya Bahamas, to celebrate ‘Good Deeds Day’ which has seen employees clean up community parks and most recently the grounds of the Stapleton School.

“With the recent press surrounding the Clifton Heritage Park, we thought it an excellent opportunity to restore some life and beauty to the area” Armbrister explained.

Since the hurricanes of the past few years park maintenance efforts have suffered from a lack of funding leaving the trails and the park itself unattended for some time. Following the success of last week’s cleanup efforts, WSC has undertaken to continue its efforts at the Clifton Heritage Park officially adding it to its list of community endeavors. WSC along with Miya Bahamas will return to the Clifton Heritage Park in April for Good Deeds Day and May during National Water Month to continue cleanup efforts, this time in the village area and path respectively.

“We’ve started the effort, and we would like to encourage others to get involved and do their part to help maintain this beautiful space as well,” said Visna.

Volunteers armed with tools, protective gear, chainsaws and a backhoe, converged at the site and immediately got to work clearing away trees which had been uprooted by hurricane Matthew as well as rocks and other debris, restoring the beauty and sanctity of the popular tourist attraction.

“We were very pleased to contribute in a small way to this beautification project” explained Gaddy Senatus, SUEZ Field Service Manager.  “It was an extremely rewarding experience and gave us the opportunity not only to give back but to also learn more about the history of the Bahamas,” he said.

The cleanup initiative also offered other local corporate citizens the opportunity to participate. Bahamas Waste immediately answered the call joining forces with WSC to assist. The company originally donated two collection Bins which allowed for the easy removal of debris from the site, but due to the efforts of the teams, three bins were needed which they donated again.

“This was truly a collaborative effort” noted Armbrister. “The corporation prides itself on our various community outreach programs so to have the opportunity to team up with an international partner, and local partners who also share that commitment was a great experience for our employees. We are very thankful to Bahamas Waste for their commitment to donate to this.”




WSC Spreads Christmas Cheer at Senior Citizens Center



Nassau, New Providence – While Christmas is traditionally a time for food, friends and family, some of our country’s elderly and most vulnerable citizens are often those who do not have holiday luxuries. With that in mind, The Water & Sewerage Corporation set out to bring holiday cheer to the residents of the Yellow Elder Senior Citizens’ Center. Armed with gifts, games, Christmas carols as well as a traditional holiday meal with all the fixings, the team of WSC volunteers visited with those at the home to spread much needed Christmas cheer.

“This is a dream come true for our residents,” said Yellow Elder Center Administrator, Veronica Hamilton. “Like everyone else, they love receiving gifts during the yuletide season, so we are very pleased to welcome the Water & Sewerage Corporation, and we are very happy that they thought of our patients at Christmas time.”.


The facility which functions as a Day Care center catering to persons 60 years and older, is a branch of the Department of Social Services and is open Monday to Friday as a resource for families who are cannot afford, or do not have access to private care for their loved ones, during the week while family members are at work or school.  




“In our very modern society it is often easy to overlook the elderly among us” said WSC PR Department Assistant Devin Griffin, “some of our senior citizens can sometimes feel forgotten or even neglected and so we really wanted to do something to make the residents at the Senior Citizen Center feel special” she said.

The center’s main hall was transformed into a holiday wonderland featuring a beautifully decorated tree, floral arrangements and bright colorful lights.

More than a dozen of the center’s clients was treated to Christmas Carols and dancing before sitting down to a specially prepared lunch during which time they were able to chat with their guests and each other all while celebrating the reason for the Christmas season.

“It really is amazing experience to have the chance to sit and chat with these precious gems” noted WSC PR Department Assistant, Devin Griffin. “It’s about more than just bringing presents, but it’s really about making these men and women feel appreciated and loved at Christmas.”

























30/11/17-Nassau, New Providence – For Erica Johnson, the road to attaining her CPA was years in the making. In 2014, she began the process of becoming a Certified Public Accountant in hopes of expanding her base of knowledge but also with the intent of advancing her position within the Water & Sewerage Corporation.

“At Water and Sewerage, it has been our goal to attract the brightest minds that our country has to offer and to ensure that we provide our employees with access to the necessary education and training programs that can propel them and by extension the corporation to new heights” explained Human Resources Assistant General Manager Cheri Hanna.



As a fourteen (14) year employee of the corporation’s Accounts Department, Johnson had already developed a reputation as a high achiever and her decision to seek higher certification was met with great support from her WSC Family.
“For me, it really began as a personal achievement that I wanted” Johnson noted. “But it was the encouragement of my co-workers and my supervisors that helped me push past some of the distractions that were in my way and they helped me keep motivated and pushed me to get my CPA.”



After a series of false starts, Erica recommitted to the CPA program in 2014 successfully completing her certification in October of 2016. “I can truly say my supervisors really made it possible to pursue this dream” she explained. “They were supportive in terms of giving me the study time that I needed and that really helped me focus. They also made it possible for me to travel and take my exams as well.”

Armed with her new certifications, Mrs. Johnson continues to lend her talents to operations at the Water & Sewerage Corporation serving in the role of Accountant IV.

"Erica demonstrates her commitment to the pursuit of excellence in everything that she does,” said Sandra Edgecombe, Deputy General Manager at WSC. “We are proud that she is a part of the WSC family, and we look forward to her continued success, growth, and development in the accounting field."









Nassau, New Providence – Old habits die hard, and change can be difficult, but change is coming for customers of the Water & Sewerage Corporation and the way they receive and pay their bills. In the age of the internet, manual transactions have become inefficient, time consuming and costly, both to businesses and to the consumer as well. As digital technologies continue to evolve, receiving bills in your inbox will eventually lessen or replace the need to make that trip to your post office box.

The Water and Sewerage Corporation has spent the last ten years improving the way it does business by making use of technology to automate its business processes including the mapping of its facilities, using reverse osmosis, building an interactive website, connecting with consumers via social media and now by going paperless.

“With the trends in technology and the access and convenience that our customers have come to expect from their utility companies, the move toward a paperless environment only made sense” explained Public Affairs Manager Visna Armbrister.  “But the transition has not been easy.”

The corporation’s ‘Go Paperless’ Campaign introduced the efficient and environmentally friendly concept of E-notifications in 2015, which they hoped would reduce paper waste and allow customers to receive billing statements via email. The Corporation also launched its own WSC Mobile App in 2016, to ease this transition and make billing and paying, accessible on mobile phones and iPad.

“Even with lots of promotion and advertising we still struggled to get many to physically sign up for the service,” noted Armbrister. “Change is a hard concept and people like to get bills and receipts in hand. But improving the efficiency of this process will not only benefit the corporation but the consumer as well, giving them access at any time to see or pay bills – when they want!”


With hopes of improving customer engagement, WSC management turned to their staff to assist in the process. Both New Providence and Family Islands staff were asked to help.  “We created an in-house competition which provided further incentive for our employees to engage each client at every service point to sign up. Each customer signing up received $10 credit and each employee received a dollar per sign up plus a grand prize.


“They were able to add more than two thousand sign ups, to our already impressive list of email addresses. We really could not have achieved this milestone without the work of our enthusiastic and dedicated staff” Armbrister noted. “They took the time to explain the process, the convenience of the system and the benefit to each valued customer.”

Staff were acknowledged for their hard work in this program.  In New Providence, Dona Wilson-Haley, signed up the most customers, with Pamela Griffin and Jessica Alcira securing second and third respectively.  In the Family Islands, sign-ups were equally impressive particularly on the islands of Abaco and Eleuthera. Costella Lewis and Vandeka Curry – both Abaco office – claimed the top two spots and Tamara Munroe rounded out the top three for Eleuthera.

Since WSC’s launch of the ‘paperless campaign’ more than sixteen-thousand customers have signed up to receive e-notifications and enjoyed a ten-dollar credit on their accounts.  “We have an overall goal of twenty thousand and we are getting there,” said Armbrister. “We are hoping to accomplish this goal by the end of the year.   If you haven’t signed up for e-notification as yet, join the more than 16,000 customers who have already done so and are now reaping the reward of receiving billing statements on time, every time, no matter where they are.”













WSC Signs Contract for Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant & Pumping Stations


 The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) has signed a contract with Island Site Development totaling $14.2 Million for the construction of several wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations in New Providence. The contract is the final of three funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) under a loan agreement signed on December 16, 2011, for the implementation of the WSC Support Program – New Providence Water Supply and Sanitations Systems Upgrade.


Included as a part of Component 3 of the WSC Support Program, the WSC embarked on the development of a long term Wastewater Master Plan (2015 to 2035) to address; wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal needs of New Providence as well as the rehabilitation of critical sewerage infrastructure on the island.

The Master Plan was completed in October 2015, and from the plan it was determined which works were to be addressed as a part of the Immediate or critical works.


The Works were divided into three parts; small works that addressed lift stations, major works which includes treatment plants and major pumping stations and construction supervision.  



The Major Works Contract was procured using the IDB’s tendering procedures for International Competitive Bidding (ICB) and was evaluated by WSC’s technical Evaluation Committee.

The contract consists of the four Work Packages:


1.    (Work Package 1) Improved screening and primary treatment at the Fox Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant .


  1. (Work Package 2) Construction of a new main Pumping Station at Malcolm Park.


  1. (Work Package 3) Construction of a new Pump Station and a forcemain to connect Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) to the Airport Industrial Park (AIP) Wastewater Treatment Plant, phasing out the existing LPIA WWTP.

 4.    (Work Package 4) Construction of a new main Pump Station at Flamingo Gardens .


The mobilization for the major works is scheduled to commence in April 2017 for a projected duration of 18 months.


The project is expected to improve the quality of sewerage services to its valued customers throughout New Providence. 



WSC Celebrates 2017 Essay and Video Winners



 Nassau, New ProvidenceThe Water and Sewerage Corporation’s (WSC) May observance of water month has become synonymous with the corporation’s annual essay and video competition which gives high school aged students the opportunity to show the impact of water on our island and the world’s water issues.


This annual event has become increasingly prestigious, not just because of its great prizes but also the exposure given to the work of participating students whose winning essays and videos are posted on the company’s social media pages and gain huge audience views. This year's theme: Water and the Environment:  How do they Coexist? encouraged this year’s entrants to examine how their water usage impacts the wider environment and conversely how their everyday habits, with respect to waste disposal and other matters, impact the safety and quality of our local water supply.

“Our theme this year bridges the stream of consciousness for Bahamians and will hopefully make them and everyone aware of how our lifestyle choices impact both the environment and our water,” said Visna Armbrister Public Affairs Manager. “We hope it gets people to start making better decisions here and around the world. As water is a necessity of life.”

Scores of Students from high schools across the country created and submitted entries for the Water & Sewerage Corporation’s annual Essay and Video Competition and were subject to very stringent judging criteria which took into consideration their interpretation of the theme, research, the style of the video and the use of technology.

“It is very refreshing to see young people use their skills to develop things like videos and also taking the time to do things like research and be a part of an initiative like this, both on the video side and the essay side” explained WSC General Manager, Glen Laville. “I was impressed with the caliber of entries and the quality of the work.”

After much deliberation, three students in each category, were chosen as the top achievers for their video and essay submissions. In the Essay Category Megan Brown a tenth grader from the Nassau Christian Academy – and one of two girls to secure winning submissions – took first prize. Her essay showed the relationship between water and the environment and the impact of water on the lives of all living things.

“I’m very proud of my achievement” Megan explained. “At the beginning, I was a bit skeptical because I didn’t believe in myself the way my teacher did, I didn’t see what she saw and this has taught me to trust myself a little more.”

Rounding out the top three in the Essay category were Trevon Stubbs of Aquinas College and D’Asia Russell who was the only Grand Bahama Island student to place in this year’s finals.

In the video category, Trayias Bowe took the top honors. The eleventh grader from the Aquinas College was joined by his fellow schoolmate Kendyll Curry who took Second Place and Calvin Brown of the CV Bethel High School – to round out the top three.  “I feel great!” Trayais exclaimed. “I’m really excited about winning the scholarship, I’m hoping to attend Acadia, or Trent University when I’m done with school!”

The Winners of this year’s competition received laptops, tablets and the first place winners also received a 1-year scholarship to an accredited college or university of their choosing.









WSC Marks Water Month with Annual High School Competition



  -Winner will win a scholarship to an accredited college


 or university of their choosing.

Nassau, New Providence – Water is the source of life for all living things. Humans, animals and vegetation all rely on water for survival. It is no surprise then, that many of the world’s greatest civilizations began as settlements near water; in fact, population growth and distribution have been intimately linked to the availability of fresh water for centuries. While water continues to be the world’s most precious resource, it is also without question one of the world’s most undervalued resources as well.

With the world population expected to grow from a little over 7 billion today, to 8 billion by 2025; putting additional strain on water needs the global community has begun to spread the message of conservation of water sources. This is no less true of the Bahamas and of the Water and Sewerage Corporation.

In May of each year the Water and Sewerage Corporation celebrates Water Month offering water-related tips, resources, contests, incentives and activities to its customers across the country. This year's theme: Water and the Environment: How do they Coexist? encourages Bahamians to take a look at how their water usage impacts the wider environment and conversely how their everyday habits with respect to waste disposal and other matters impact the safety and quality of our local water supply.

“Many individuals may not immediately make the connection between the environment and the water they drink or the water that comes out of the faucet at home,” explained Public Affairs Manager Visna Armbrister.

“This year’s theme will hopefully bridge that stream of consciousness for Bahamians and make everyone more aware of how lifestyle choices impact both the environment and our water and get people to start making better decisions all around” she said.

Over the years the WSC’s observance of water month has become synonymous with the corporation’s annual essay and video competitions which give high school aged children the opportunity to participate in the process and learn how their own actions, or lack thereof, can impact our world. Last year, Michael Miller of Queens College took top honors in the Essay Competition while Waynisha Saunders of CV Bethel was the winner of the video competition, which has reached over 24000 views on the WSC Facebook page.

“Reaching young people is particularly important,” noted Armbrister. “They are the ones that will inherit this planet when older generations pass on, they need an awareness of the world around them and this competition is way to educate and inspire them to get involved even at an early age.”

The competition is open to high school students in Grades 10 and 11 and requires students to submit essays or videos based on this year’s theme. As they did last year, the winners of this year’s competition will receive laptops, tablets with the top prize of a scholarship to an accredited college or university of their choosing. Rules and details can be found on the website at www.wsc.com.bs




WSC & BTC Collaborate to Provide Major Savings for Customers





Nassau, New Providence – A collaboration between the Water & Sewerage Corporation (WSC) and the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) spelled two days of discounts, prizes and surprises for WSC customers.


The Pop-Up Partnership Promotion kicked into high gear on March 28th and 29th, as scores of customers flocked to WSC headquarters on Thompson Boulevard to take advantage of the event, which by design was meant to afford WSC customers an opportunity to be served by both companies in one location.


Customers of the Water & Sewerage Corporation have witnessed firsthand the transformations which have taken place at the corporation in recent years. From the increase of water flow, improved repair services and now the introduction of the world class mobile app and their most recent paperless billing system, WSC has continued to live up to its mandate of being committed to growth and quality of service.

As a service oriented company in its own right, it made sense that WSC would partner with BTC on the Pop-Up Promotion concept. “WSC is pleased to partner with BTC to promote their products and
our services since we are both very customer oriented companies” said Public Affairs Manager Visna Armbrister.


“Our primary focus during this special two-day promotion is our ' Go Paperless Campaign'.  Our over-all goal is to get to 20,000 email addresses from our customers which simply allows them to receive their billing statements electronically on their smart phones, pc's or tablets” she explained. 

Customers participating in the two-day event were not only able to take advantage of amazing discounts ranging from half off new water and sewerage service accounts as well as ten dollars off for signing up for the corporation’s new email notification service, but were also entered to win a brand-new Samsung J2 Prime Cellphone too.


This renewed focus on technology is just part of a recent push by the corporation to modernize the type of service which Bahamians receive and includes the introduction of online bill payments which provide improved efficiency and new levels of convenience for customers.  This in turn goes hand in hand with the work being done by BTC, particularly for their younger and more tech savvy customers many of whom have come to rely on their mobile devices as an integral part of their everyday lives.

“This is BTC country and its important for Bahamians to know that we are a company committed to making their lives easier through our products through our products and services noted Brittney Johnson-Petit, of BTC Franchise Operations.

Winner of the Samsung J2 Prime phone, Ian Graham was thrilled to learn that he had won just for signing up for E-notification and was pleased that to have a ten dollar credit applied to his account.  Singing up for E-notification is quick, simple and convenient.  WSC encourages its customer who have not done so to visit its website: www.wsc.com.bs and sign up today.   Help us go paperless while you enjoy a more easy and convenient way of doing business with






Good Deeds for a Good Cause


Nassau, New Providence – Committed to their roles as good corporate citizens, Miya Bahamas and the Water & Sewerage Corporation teamed up with their employees to participate in the annual good deeds day, jumping at the opportunity to give back to the community in a real and tangible way.

Good Deeds Day is a MIYA annual tradition which launched in 2007 and has swept the globe encouraging persons from all cultures, backgrounds, and countries to join forces and give of themselves for the benefit of others and the planet. In 2017, ninety-three countries – including The Bahamas – participated in over 20 thousand projects making this year the largest and most far reaching day of global good.

“If people could unite around good. If every person does something to make a difference, and communities, organizations, and corporations give of their time and skill to help others, lives will be improved, and our world would be a better one” noted MIYA Bahamas Project Manager, Goncalo Delgado.

This year marked the fourth time that the Water & Sewerage Corporation has partnered with Miya for Good Deeds Day with the event becoming a staple in both companies’ annual calendars. On April 7, the volunteers from both organizations took time to improve the Stapledon School gardens and playground areas as well as the remove of all debris which had accumulated Hurricane Matthew in 2016.


 “We chose the Stapledon School this year because they cater to children with varying degrees of mental disabilities,” said Andrea Forbes of Miya Bahamas. “This month is Autism Awareness Month, so we thought it a good idea to come in and do what we can to assist the school and its students.”

Helping organize these events, Visna Armbrister  WSC Public Affairs and Customer Service Manager has been at the forefront of each Good Deeds Day. “This is now an annual event for us at WSC, and its something we always look forward doing. Our staff is eager to help and assist our community. We are more than just a company doing business, we really appreciate our community and our country” she explained.

To learn more about Good Deeds Day or to join this annual event visit www.good-deeds-day.org and join the campaign to do good!






WSC Continues Water Supply Improvements in the Family Islands

Implementing its CDB Water Supply Improvement program in the Family Islands



Nassau, Bahamas – The Water and Sewerage Corporation’s (WSC) vision is: ‘Committed to Growth, Committed to Quality’. True to its mandate to provide accessible and affordable water to all its customers across the archipelago, the Corporation continues to undertake a series of water supply improvements on several Family Islands.


The Corporation  has signed a $1.69Million contract with Bahamas Hot Mix Co. Ltd   to extend and improve water supply to San Salvador. The award follows a tender process that started in August 2016. The scope of works consists of the supply and installation of over 9 miles of water main and 160 service connections and works are expected to take approximately 8 months to complete. It will impact communities from Cockburn Town to Sandy Point.


Chairman Leslie Miller indicated that ”the project will provide high quality piped water service to some areas of San Salvador for the first time and is a part of the Government’s commitment to provide for the needs of its citizens throughout the Family Islands”.


The project is a component of the recently approved $41 Million program partially funded with $28 million from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). In addition to San Salvador, the Water Supply Improvement Project will also address water needs in the islands of Cat Island, Crooked Island, Eleuthera, Long Island, New Providence, and South Andros.  A contract for South Andros was signed in November 2016, and the New Providence components are expected to be completed in February 2017.


Additionally, WSC signed an Engineering Services Consultancy (ESC) contract with ACO JV (Bahamas) Limited for the construction supervision of the CDB Water Supply Improvement projects. The joint venture (JV) consists of three Bahamian firms – Caribbean Civil Group Limited, Operational Management & Engineering Services Limited, and Applied Consulting and Engineering Limited – and the contract signing follows a tender process that started in June 2016.

Services under the contract include procurement advisory, review and approval of designs, and supervision of construction activities, to ensure construction of the project infrastructure to a high quality. Another critical aspect of the consultancy is to ensure that environmental impacts are mitigated, and that climate change considerations are taken into account during the design and execution of the works.


The contracts for remaining CDB Water Supply Improvement Projects are anticipated to be signed throughout 2017. These will cover infrastructure works in Cat Island, Crooked Island, Eleuthera, and Long Island in addition to other associated services.





NASSAU, BAHAMAS - In keeping with its commitment to providing reliable and safe water supply to all communities around the country, The Water & Sewerage Corporation (WSC) recently teamed up with nurses within the public healthcare system to promote the health benefits of city water usage, particularly within close knit communities like Pinewood.

For the past two years, the Corporation has embarked on a house to house initiative in the residential area of Pinewood Gardens,  to encourage well users in the area to make the switch to city water.  Across the world, water borne illnesses remains a major concern particularly in the event of possible fresh water contamination, which can be caused by natural disasters like Hurricanes or man-made hazards that leak into the water table.

“Being on personal wells, does not guarantee that their water supply is safe,” explained WSC Public Affairs

Manager, Visna Armbrister.  “WSC trained staff monitor our water 24/7, we have professional chemical engineers who are trained on chlorination and our water is approved and meets the above international water standards,” she said.

Of the 650 homes in the area, less than half of the residents have agreed to sign on to city water. The corporation is currently in the process of completing major mains improvement in the Pinewood area and once completed, the new infrastructure will provide piped water to scores of homes for the first time in history.

As an additional bonus the millions of infrastructures work is being carried out at no cost to the customers.  “Right now sign up for WSC Pinewood is free,” said Armbrister! “ If these residents choose to sign up after the work is done they will  have to pay $714 dollars plus VAT to get instillation to WSC water.”

The corporation encourages all interested households to make the switch now to avoid incurring any personal costs.  “We’re working every-day to make sure we give people clean, safe, reliable water supply that’s what we want people to know about,” Armbrister noted. “We have also integrated on line bill payment, e-billing and more to make our services so much easier then self-water supply.”

Pinewood customers should contact the Customer Service Department at 242-302-5599 if they missed the sign-up visits or reach out to Corporation via their Facebook page or the corporation’s website at www.wsc.com/bs.  For those not in Pinewood the corporation is currently offering 50%off sign up services to any customers. 






Sea Breeze Resident Decorates and WINS!



Nassau, Bahamas – With the Christmas decorations coming down on houses across the country, one happy resident may show off her décor a little bit past the twelfth day of Christmas.  Sandra Bain, a long time resident of Sea Breeze, was judged as the winner of the Water and Sewerage Corporation’s (WSC) and Miya Bahamas’ Christmas Decoration Contest 2016.  





“I found out about the contest after visiting WSC Thompson Blvd to pay my water bill,” said Bain. “I love decorating, its been a hobby of mine for years but I also love seeing the joy it brings to people; especially the children. I get a kick from seeing the excitement from adults too.”

Mrs. Bain was among several New Providence residents who entered to win the thousand-dollar prize and whose homes were judged by an internal panel of three judges who noted that Mrs. Bain’s house “decorations was impeccable!”


Bain who does her more elaborate home decorating at Christmas starts her theme planning at the end of summer, with her completed décor up by the first week of December. “We often see and hear people slowing down as they pass to look at the decorations, some even stop to take photos. I’ve even seen families stopping to take their Christmas photos!”


The winning house depicted the spirit of Christmas through its lights, decorations and how well the designs were put together,” said Judge Ingrid Strachan. “Her home created an ambiance that said welcome Christmas.”


Bain will now start working on her 2017 theme and is hopeful the Corporation will continue this contest, as she loved winning!  Bain planned to use some of her winnings to continue doing the things that she loves, helping people, as she noted there are so many less fortunate. She will also be paying some bills and purchasing some more decorations of course!






Chairman Miller Commends the WSC Staff for their commitment during


Hurricane Mathew.





Nassau, Bahamas - Last week, the Water and Sewerage Corporation hosted its Annual Employee Recognition and Awards Ceremony at St. Joseph’s Parish Hall. It was an opportunity for the Management of the Corporation to say thank you to its employees for the service they have provided throughout the year.


The Ceremony, hosted by Mr. Tyrone Miller, WSC Manager of Billing Processing and Adjustment Department, in the Business Operation Division was very entertaining and was attended by many of the Corporations’ board members and employees as well as Chairman, Leslie Miller, MP. Mr. Miller spoke on behalf of the Minister responsible for the Water and Sewerage Corporation, the Hon. Phillip ‘Brave’ Davis and thanked the staff of the Corporation for their dedication throughout the year, especially during Hurricane Matthew.


“During Hurricane Matthew, lights were out, cable was off, phones were down but the water kept flowing,” noted Miller. “And that’s all thanks to you. Your dedication to this Corporation, making sure things run smoothly during such a difficult time is definitely an inspiration to all the other corporations and utility providers in The Bahamas.”


The Chairman also warned the management and staff of the corporation to not get complacent. “Don’t let that go to y’all head though, there’s still lots of work left to be done, “Miller chided. “The Corporation today supplies a little more than 50% of the homes in New Providence with running water so come 2017, it will be my goal, with your help to increase that number.”


During the course of the afternoon, the Corporation also recognized several employees for their outstanding work in 2016. Two such employees were, Arnold Josey and Wallace Munroe, of WSC Customer Service. Josey and Munroe were recognized for their outstanding work, going above and beyond the call of duty to assist customers of the Corporation immediately following the passage of Hurricane Matthew.


In addition to the Customer Service Representative of the Year, the Corporation also honored its Long Service Award recipients. Mr. James McPhee, Foreman, Construction Department was presented with the Longest Serving Award and noted “Some people have asked me what keeps me going, it’s simple. Its seeing the smiles on people’s faces after you’ve help them with their problem. That is very rewarding for me.”


Closing out the formalities of the event was the Corporation’s General Manager, Mr. Glen Laville who used the opportunity to thank the employees of the Corporation for their dedication throughout the year. “Many times I know it was not easy but each of you always showed up, dedicated to the task at hand; even in the most difficult of situations,” said Laville. “So I am grateful to you for the work you have done throughout the year and will continue to do on behalf of the Water and Sewerage Corporation.”


Many of the employees expressed their gratitude to the Corporation for hosting the event and recognizing the hard work they do. One employee said, “it isn’t often the company you work for pulls out all the stops to make you feel special, or in this case, ‘like a star’ but it’s nice to get rewarded and recognized for the work that we do here at the Corporation.”


The event was filled with fun and laughter and the Corporation extends its thanks to event Chairperson, Ms. Ingrid Strachan, WSC Manager, Training Department, Human Resources Division and her Committee for putting on a stellar Employee Recognition and Awards Ceremony.




WSC Helps Light Up the Holidays


 WSC Helps Light Up the Holidays



Nassau, Bahamas - Across The Bahamas, the holiday’s wouldn’t be complete without spending time with the family decorating your home to bring in the festive season. The Water and Sewerage Corporation wants to help spread more cheers this year by rewarding the best decorated house on the block.


Once again, the Corporation is hoping to spread Christmas cheer with its ‘Christmas House Decoration Contest’. The contest is open to all customers of the Water and Sewerage Corporation and is free to enter, but requires participants to sign an entry form before December 10th.  Finding the form is easy on their website or Facebook page, but winning the grand prize of a $1,000 for the best decorated house means making your home dazzle.


According to Visna Armbrister, Public Affairs Manager at the Water and Sewerage Corporation, the judges of the Christmas House Decoration Contest will reward the customer with the grand prize money for the house that has the greatest “curb appeal”, based on the look of the exterior of the home from the street.


Armbrister further explained that houses will be judged in three categories, “i. unique design and creative use of lights and decorations; ii. display and placement of decorations and iii. overall presentation.” Adding, “we all have driven across the island and have seen some beautifully decorated homes, so we decided to reward one of our great WSC customers for the time and effort making their home shine bright. Surely everyone could use the extra thousand dollars in their pockets too.”


In addition to the grand prize money, the Corporation will also give the first 25 entries to the contest, one month of free service (valued at $25.00).


“We recognized that many communities and household are still in recovery mode after the hurricane and many are concentrating on home repairs,” said Armbrister. “But for those who can join in, we invite them to get into the Christmas Spirit and spread the joy of festivity with lights and decorations. We're hoping the Community will make an effort and join us as we spruce up and decorate for the season.”


The contest is also open to Family Island customers and local judges will be chosen to help find the best decorated home in The Bahamas.


Entry deadline is December 16th, 2016 with judging to be done December 20th through December 23rd  2016. with winners announced on Facebook.


Full entry rules and application forms are available on the Corporation’s website or at the Corporation head office on Thompson Blvd.