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WSC Signs Contracts to Rehabilitation of Small Pumping Station and Related Works 11/11/2016

Fulfilling its IDB Support Program to improve the quality of water and service to customers.


Nassau, Bahamas – The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) signed a contract with Island Site Development today totaling $2.4 Million to rehabilitate critical wastewater infrastructure in New Providence. The contract signing follows a tender process that started in June 2016.

 The contract is a funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) under a loan agreement signed on December 16, 2011, for the implementation of the WSC Support Program – New Providence Water Supply and Sanitations Systems Upgrade.

Component 3 of the WSC Support Program, focused on the preparation of a Wastewater Master Plan.  The plan will address; wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal needs of New Providence as well as the rehabilitation of critical sewerage infrastructure on the island.

A Master Plan was completed in October 2015, designed to determine the best way to address these issues. The WSC is using this Master Plan to determine which wastewater assets it will rehabilitate and construct, with the funds from the IDB, to improve the overall working system.

The WSC is using a phased approach to carry out these works and each of these contracts is being procured separately, in three separate contracts:


1.   (Small Works) Rehabilitation of Small Pumping Stations and Related Works.





2.    (Major Works) Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plants & Pumping Stations.




3.   (Engineering Consultant) Construction Supervision of both the Major and Small Construction Works.



Using the IDB’s international tendering procedures for National Competitive Bidding (NCB), Island Site Development (ISD) was awarded the Small Works contract once the bids were evaluated and they were determined to be the lowest evaluated bidder.


According to Mr. Glen Laville, General Manager of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, “Several of our wastewater facilities have required rehabilitation for many years. It’s definitely a relief to have the funding available to address some of the more critical components.”

Expecting to take 6 months, the works consists of rehabilitating 10 sewage pumping stations, and installation of 1000 ft. of gravity collection mains along with other associated works.


WSC is also in the process of requesting proposals and accepting tender bids for the second contract listed. Proposals for these major works are due at the end of November and a firm will be selected by January 2017. These works are expected to last 18 months, bid information is on the company website.


The WSC will also finalize the selection of a Consultant Firm (third contract listed) to assist with construction supervision for both wastewater contracts mentioned above. The firm selected will ensure the quality and timeliness of the construction works.