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WSC Gearing Up to Launch A Mobile App 9/21/2016

 WSC is gearing up to launch the first ‘Mobile App’ for a Bahamian Government Corp.


Nassau, Bahamas - The Water and Sewerage Corporation is gearing up to announce the launch of its latest upgrade, a brand new WSC Mobile Application, for all smartphones and tablets in The Bahamas.

The application, now in its final testing phase, will be the first of its kind for any Government owned utility company and will give instant access to news and updates from the Corporation, allow account holders to pay their bills on their devices, make immediate service requests and much more.



Expected to be launched later this year, the corporation is working hard to improve its overall service reliability while staying mainstream in areas of technology.

One of the key features the Corporation is excited about is the ability for the public to report leaks as the Corporation has placed great emphasis on reducing its non-revenue water loss, that is, water that has been produced and is “lost” before it reaches the customer.



According to Shantelle Lopez, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Manager at the Water and Sewerage Corporation, “Our mobile WSC App will allow users to report water leaks through the App.  Users will be able to log in to the App and report the location of the leak, removing the need for customers to call into the Corporation.”  Lopez further added that those notifications will be delivered in real-time, 24 hours a day to work crews that those issues can be immediately resolved.

Lopez also highlighted a few other features that she’s excited about, mainly: the ability for customers of the Corporation to view their water usage at any time and pay their bills and view outages and work notices from their smartphones.



“The WSC App will make customers’ lives easier by allowing them to pay their WSC bills at their convenience, help them stay informed of what we’re doing and alert us to any water issues that they may be experiencing,” she noted.  “This will make it a lot easier for our customers to do business and communicate with Water and Sewerage”.



The WSC Mobile App, currently in its final testing phase will be available for download in late October through the Apple App and Google Play stores; launch details will appear on their social media pages and website.

“At the heart of this work, our goal is to help both the client and Corporation” said Visna Armbrister, Public Affairs Manager at WSC. “We had reduced non-revenue water loss by more than 50%, saving over 3 billion gallons, a savings of nearly $18 million; the WSC Mobile App will certainly help in further reducing non-revenue water losses, and we hope make doing business with us easier and quicker.”