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National Water Week 2014 5/7/2014 Theme for 2014: Water & Energy


The Corporation celebrated its first National Water Week in May 1991 under the theme "Water, Our Most Precious, Use it Wisely".


Over the next 15 years, up to 2006, National Water Week was a staple on the Bahamas' National Calendar which is usually celebrated the first week of May.


National Water Week is celebrated to sensitize the public to the importance of water as a precious resource, and telling the story of what we do at the Water and Sewerage Corporation. 


Some of this year's Activities include:

  1. A photo Exhibit depicting our history with respect the prevision of Water Supply, Past, Present and Future which can be viewed daily in the foyer, Head Office Building, Thompson Boulevard.
  2. Daily School Visits to Consolidate Water Reverse Osmosis Plant at Bluehills, and WSC Laboratory.