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Business Plan Continued

It was also specifically recommended that the initial focus be on NP, as this account for about 75% of WSC revenues and expenses. As a result of this, the following actions were taken:


  1. Barging was replaced in Dec-11;

  2. A five year, $81Mn loan was executed with IDB in Dec-11 to support the following Action Plan:

Our Action Plan

  1. Non-Revenue Water Reduction

    1.  Miya Water has reduced NRW from nearly 7Migd to less than 4Migd in the first two years of implementation phase. The 2014 target was exceeded by 1Migd. WSC no longer has to ration water and is scheduled to started  our customer win-back program. 

    2.  Water purchase savings are well over $2Mn annually.

  2. Institutional Strengthening

    1. SCADA: completed; savings already seen in overtime costs and WSC reaction time to system problems.

    2. Automated Meter Reading: pilot tests almost completed; procurement expected during the third quarter; integration with BEC meter reading is an important objective of the system.
    3. Organization improvements: outsourcing of traditional WSC functions such as engineering, construction, fleet management, and collections expected to start in the second quarter; performance management system being developed along with other organization restructuring activities.
    4.     Public relations: Barefoot Marketing (GB) retained for the next few years to assist in re-branding WSC and implementation of a customer win-back program; services include communication strategies for staff and external stakeholders, and school programs to educate students about the importance of water, conservation, and other water efficiency initiatives.

    5.  Tariff Study: contract recently awarded to review WSC tariffs which have not been changed since 1999; WSC has only had three tariff adjustments in its almost 40 year existence.


  3. Wastewater Management Improvements

    1. Wastewater Master Plan:  condition assessment of the existing sewerage network/facilities completed for New Providence; Master Plan is expected in early second quarter;

    2.  Rehabilitation/expansion of major treatment plants (4no.)

    3.  Refurbishment of 60 lift stations (~2/3 of all in NP)

    4.  Rehabilitation of gravity collection systems and force main (~4miles

  4. Regulatory Reform ($3MN)

    Draft legislation prepared and under review to establish a Groundwater Protection Unit in the Ministry of Environment for groundwater management and pollution control. Additionally, legislation is also drafted and under review to establish URCA as the economic regulator for the sector.

    It is expected that both regulators can be established in 2015. 

Anticipated Benefits

The benefits of this Business Plan are:

  1. Reduced dependence on Government subsidy, from over $400Mn in subsidies, per status quo, to approximately $181Mn with the implementation of the Plan but with resulting infrastructure and other improvements.
  2. Improved operational efficiency and staffing productivity
  3. WSC transforms into a financially and operationally viable and sustainable organization
  4. Better quality product and customer service

Family Islands:

While the present Business Plan/IDB Loan does not specifically address the Family islands, a Capital Development Plan has been prepared and updated. It indicates that over $100Mn needs to be invested in order to achieve universal service. Tariffs do not generate sufficient funds to finance such an investment and WSC will continue to be dependent on Government subsidy for these works.



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