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Subdivision Standards & Procedures

Subdivisions and System Development Fees/ Service Connections



Subdivision developments are expected both to pay a System Development Fee (SDF) and bear the cost of constructing water and/or sewer infrastructure within the development, including tie-in costs to connect to the utility network. The SDF is intended to represent the development's pro-rata share of the cost of Infrastructure that would be required to serve that development. Pumping facilities, area transmission mains, etc.


Property Owners/Buyers


Important considerations when buying property:

  • Find out if water and/or sewer utilities are already in place.
  • If   water   and/or   sewer   utilities   have   not   been   constructed,   ask   the  developer/seller if they will be included in the sale, and if so, when they will be constructed.
  • If water and/or sewer utilities are not included, you may be required to pay an  additional amount to construct the infrastructure before you are granted an occupancy certificate. 

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