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How to read your water meter

Finding your water meter


Water and Sewerage Corporation water meter is usually located in a front corner of your property on the boundary line. 


Reading the meter


On the right is a diagram of a domestic water meter.


To read your water meter, lift the protective flap on your meter and read the meter dials from left to right. Water and Sewerage Corporation needs to know the first digits in the white dials to calculate your bill. This tells us how many kilolitres (thousands of litres) of water you have used. Red dials may vary depending on the type of meter.


For example, in the image, there are four white dials. This household has used 1,234 kilolitres of water since the meter was installed.


Meter Test


Sometimes people with high water accounts believe their meter is faulty. When it is suspected that a meter is stuck or malfunctioning, it may be tested on site, at the customer's premises. The existing meter must first be removed, so that, any water usage on the property will continue to register.  A small fee will be applied for the testing service. However, no fee will be assessed if a tested meter is found faulty.




The  Corporation  has  embarked  on  a  meter  change  program  to  ensure  that customers' meters are updated every ten (10) years.  This service is free to all customers.   By law, your account can be charged for estimated normal usage when your meter is stuck.




The  owner  is  required  to  grant  access  to  the  Corporation's  personnel  to the meter on your property.  You are prohibited from blocking access, enclosing, or covering the meter. You are also prohibited from denying access to the Corporation’s personnel based on verbal or physical threats.   Failure to grant  access to the meter is subject to:


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