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Family Island Operations

Monitoring and controlling water and sewage operations across the archeological chain of 700 islands and cays that encompass the Islands of the Bahamas can prove to be a challenge.

This task is mandated to The Family Islands Operations Division team which is located in Nassau and led by Mr. Cyprian Gibson. The team’s main objectives are to supply, monitor, improve and coordinate Family Island water and commercial services and to actively monitor and engage in hydrological and other environmental issues that serve to sensitize customers and the country to water as a limited and precious resource.

Through the establishment of this division, trained employees positioned at family island locals can communicate with both The Corporation’s key personnel in Nassau as well as consumers at each locale in real-time. This guarantees all stakeholders’ immediate access to critical information and also ensures ongoing dialogue, timely response and coordinated action to emergency situations that may threaten or impact community water and sewerage facilities in these jurisdictions.

While active service facilities are not provided in all of the islands, the areas currently managed under the team’s portfolio include the following communities:

  • North, Central & South Andros

  • Eleuthera
  • Abaco
  • Acklins
  • Bimini & The Berry Islands Inagua Long Island
  • Mayaguana
  • Exuma
  • San Salvador
  • Rum Cay  

For more information, see our map for serviced locals and communities within the Bahamas chain of islands.

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