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WSC Business Plan


In 2009, a Water & Sanitation Sector Strategic Plan was developed with grant financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and included updating previous WSC Business Plans.

Four (4) factors were identified as responsible for WSC’s poor financial condition:

  1. Increased cost of service due to greater reliance on desalination, which is the most reliable, and highest quality supply source, but it is more expensive than groundwater
  2. No Tariffs increase since 1999
  3. Decreasing capital expenditures as Government subsidies used to cover increasing operating losses
  4. Non-Revenue Water (NRW ) volume high and increasing (especially in NP).

The operational and structural improvements necessary to achieve financial and operational sustainability were identified as follows:


  1. Decrease NRW in New Providence (NP)
  2. Improve staffing efficiency via organization restructuring (reduce the no. of staff per 1000 connections)
  3. Replace barging with desalination, as action in December 2011.
  4. Improve service an efficiency, then increase tariffs
  5. Implement customer win-back strategy as performance improves and recommended legal reform is implemented.


  1. Upgrade the legal and regulatory framework
  2. Develop multi-year performance agreements (Government and WSC) that provide specific forecast of investments and results/performance to be achieved
  3. Increase private sector participation through outsourcing and other options


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